DDS 500 Decompression Belt

Disc Disease Solutions introduces the DDS 500 Ambulatory Lumbar Spinal-Air Traction Belt. The unique and innovative design of our device will provide continuous therapeutic relief on the go that will allow you the freedom to return to a carefree active lifestyle

Unlike other traditional support belts that limit mobility to the spine, the thin and light weight design of the DDS 500’s patented expandable air-traction system is designed to mold to the natural curvature of the lumbar spine to offer a high degree of mobility as well as support while assisting with active-rehabilitation. The DDS 500 can be worn either over clothing or discreetly under clothing.

The function of the DDS 500 is scientific, precise and most of all very simple. Spinal traction is created, and vertebral disc spaces are increased as the device is being inflated. The vertical air expansion cell mechanism applies negative pressure on the intervertebral disc space decreasing the pressure in the lumbar spine region by pushing upward on the lower part of the rib cage while pushing downward on the upper part of the hips, thereby diverting the weight bearing forces away and reducing the pressure within the lumbar spine region, significantly reducing pain levels.

Another unique feature that makes the DDS 500 the most versatile brace of its kind is the detachable anterior and posterior rigid panels the specifically designed for the patient who requires extra spinal stabilization, especially for those who are pre and post surgery. In addition, it is the perfect solution for those patients that cannot tolerate a rigid body jacket yet require the support of one. As the patient progresses in their active-rehabilitation the need for another device is eliminated as the DDS 500 transitions along with their progress by simply removing the detachable rigid panels either one at a time or all together to easily convert to a soft LSO (Lumbar Sacral Orthosis) for greater flexibility.

Spinal Traction reveals promising results for the future, and effective management of patients with all types of disc disease and spinal injuries. With over two million patients and physicians currently using our technology, Disc Disease Solutions is honored to have the opportunity to assist those who are in need of “Improving Quality Of Life”.

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  • Pain Relief for Herniated and Bulging Discs, Muscle Spasms, Spondylosis Sciatica, and Spinal Stenosis
  • Facilitate The Remolding And Healing Of Disc By Diverting The Weight Bearing Forces Away From The Lumbar Spine
  • Maximize Prevention Of Re-Herniation
  • Minimize Pain/ REDUCE Pain Medication
  • Minimize Patient’s Complaints / Improve Quality Of Life
  • Effective For Pre-Surgical Discomfort
  • SADMERC Coded L0631


SR 500 Size WAIST Measurement Panel Size
S 26 ~ 28 INCH S
M 29 ~ 32 INCH S
L 33 ~ 35 INCH M
XL 36 ~ 38 INCH M
2XL 39 ~ 41 INCH L
3XL 42 ~ 44 INCH L
4XL 45 ~ 48 INCH XL
5XL 48 ~ 51 INCH XL